I have teaching interests in ethics, broadly construed, with a special interest in the ethics of war, bioethics, and global justice; political philosophy; philosophy of law; aesthetics; and several other related areas. In Fall 2019, I will be teaching again several sections of PY201: Philosophy and Ethical Reasoning, the core philosophy course at West Point. And in the Spring of 2020, I will be teaching PY201 and an upper-division course in bioethics. You can find syllabi for both of these courses below.

In addition to these courses, I have also taught a second-year course in philosophy of law and a third-year course on the philosophy of death—both at the University of Toronto. Syllabi for these are also below.

In Winter 2019, I gave a guest lecture entitled “Is Patriotism Justified?” to inmates at Woodbourne Correctional Facility as part of the Bard Prison Initiative.

Teaching materials


  • Introduction to Bioethics (West Point; 3rd-year elective)

  • Law & Morality (University of Toronto; 2nd-year elective)

  • Death & Dying (University of Toronto; 3rd-year elective)

Podcast: Open Questions

I am very interested in bringing philosophy to a wider audience.

To that end, my colleague, Eric Mathison, and I produced a short series of podcast episodes called Open Questions through the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto. You can listen to them on Soundcloud here (or with this link), or download them from Apple Podcasts or Stitcher.